I have presented some works on the homepage which is symbolises my passion for shape, colours and geometry. 

My work can be categorised as abstract impressionism minimal and colourful by nature always working with different media photographing minimal objects making part of a digital archive of imagery action paintingss and also sculptural.

I got my inspiration in Barcelona to showcase my work, here I found my alter ego Salvador a person who roams true Barcelona during the day and in the nighttime visits clubs and exotic wimmen aside visiting landmarks, meeting people from all over the world and experiencing what Catalan people mean with hospitality.

I got confused a lot to be an African immigrant being a Dutch resident this helped me realise that people of color in the part of Holland and Belgium have something to cherish even if in this side of Europe it sometimes seems that the only thing in Europe is division based on race and ethnicity which is a real subject around the globe.  My friend Marlene Nagel Freeman wrote a book about her experiences in Barcelona and gained experience about how some of the artists there found there inspiration between the sun, sea and mountains. 

Architectural Biennale 2020

The Particle Journey started in 2018 and brought some awareness to do something on the intersectin of Art, Technology and Digital Culture. The idea to participate in the Architecturel Biennale of 2018 started from a perspective of doing commercial work as a Graphic designer. To immerse yourself in the world of the most talented Graphic artists take a look at a starting point to find inspiration and an overview of different area’s where design work takes place from, Photography, Illustration, Interaction, Motion, Architecture, Product Design, Fashion, Advertising, Visual arts, Craft work, Game design and Audio. As a Design Consulting the Agency Virtual Silvr is participating in the Architectural Biennale 2018 to do Intersectional work ‘a cross borders and cross platforms’ like an innovative force contributing too Architecture, Design & Digital Culture.


Let’s chat! As a freelance photographer and full time explorer, I’d love to help you tackle your next venture. Let me help you either with a photography session, or by designing a site unique to you and your needs.